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Then, she got enrolled at the Pittsburgh Technical Institute, from where she graduated in 2004.

You Tube personality, host, actress, and model35-26-36 in or 89-66-91.5 cm6 (US) or 38 (EU) or 10 (UK)32C7 (US) or 37.5 (EU)i Justine has used her strong social media presence to bag lucrative endorsement deals.

When it comes to her diet, i Justine believes in the benefits of a healthy breakfast.

She loves having toast, eggs, and fruits for breakfast.

He estimates Ezarik's height at 5'1"; Fishner-Wolfson's not much taller, as his Stanford graduation photo shows.

Not that his stature matters: By dating Ezarik, he rises above thousands of jealous i Justine fanboys. Who will fill the hole soon-to-depart Mahalo Daily host Veronica Belmont left in Jason Calacanis's heart?

She usually promotes the products directly and also goes for indirect promotion by strategically placing them in her videos.

At the time of her high school graduation from Bentworth High School, she resided in the Scenery Hill area in Washington County, Pennsylvania.

Update: Ezarik denies that she and Fishner-Wolfson are an item — and claims to be 5'3". He's planning an American Idol-type contest to find out.

(In heels, perhaps.) A tipster tells us we're off in picking i Justine as the new host for Jason Calacanis's little-watched Mahalo Daily videoblog, previously known solely for featuring former CNET personality Veronica Belmont. Rumors peg Pittsburgh-native Justine Ezarik, better known as i Justine, as an early favorite. In it, i Justine interviews SXSW music attendees to the shortly after SXSW interactive geeks left Austin. John French forwarded us a poorly punctuated invite.

The Y Combinator guys may be acting starstruck, but maybe its MC Hammer who's playing the fanboy here.

Y Combinator's coterie of entrpreneurs could easily return the favor by providing the rapper with real video services. Why would the startuppers reduce the Hammer to begging for volunteers — if not to subtly put him in his place?

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