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Nastia Liukin is a short name for the famous Russian gymnast who is now retired as we speak. senior team back when she was actually doing gymnastics, and she is very good at balance beam.

Her wonderful performances on the 2008 Olympic championship made her one of the best gymnasts in the world and she won so many medals that she could not personally cound them all. On the Olympic Games, she won a gold medal, three silver ones and a bronze one.

Her parents moved to the United States of America when Nastia was almost three and they decided to stay in New Orleans.

Her father had been good friends with a man called Yevgeny Marchenko and they opened up an Academy for gymnasts in Tecas. She went to Spring Creek Academy and wanted to get a business major, however in 2008 she had to go prepare for the Olympic Games and had to pause.

It was very shocking to Liukin and she claimed that, thankfully, her working with Larry was only professional.

Nastia is now pretty popular on Instagram where she has got a bit less than a million followers.

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Her next competition was in Stuttgart and she sadly slipped in the competition so she hurt het foor and wasn’t able to make it. In 2009, she made an appearance on Cover Girl Classic and she came second, and in 2012 she wanted to go to the Olympic trials.

She made it, but she fell off bars in the trials and it was the moment she decided that it was time for her to say goodybe to her gymnastics career.

Her father was her trainer and she started out as a junior in 2002 when she was almost 13. National Championships and she started to get medals.

She, however, fell and she could not continue her routine. By 2013, she had already gotten much training and she was one of the best junior gymnasts. Sadly, she was ten months too young to get into 2004 Olympics team so she worked very hard for her next olympics that she was very excited to do.

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