Is paul mccartny dating

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It was a bit of a far-off dream, and it was just a dream.

It wasn't anything that we really ever thought would turn out to be more than that."4.

"For us," he says, "it was just a quiet place where no one would go."I first meet Mc Cartney a few weeks earlier at the London office he has kept since the late '70s in Soho Square in the center of town.

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As we do, Mc Cartney periodically reaches out and touches my shoulder to add some kind of emphasis to whichever point he is making."There was a room round the back here through those doors, which was an echo chamber…," he begins, and fills in the details.When they felt the need for relaxation and inspiration, that was where they would go, and although, at first, they thought this was a room that wasn't being used, they soon discovered their mistake.If it's your own history, you might as well use it.In August 1969, during a brief break from one of their final recording sessions, the four members of the Beatles were photographed in mid-stride on the London crosswalk a few yards from where they were working.

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