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Baoulé is spoken east of Lake Kossou and at the capital Yamoussoukro, and Anyi along the Ghanaian border.

In the southwestern quadrant are Kru languages, such as Bete and We (Gure/Wobe), half a million apiece, and Dida (a quarter million), related to the languages of Liberia.

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In the northwest, along the Guinean border and across to Lake Kossou in the center of the country, are Mande languages, such as Dan (1 million speakers) and Guro (half a million, on the lake).

The lake and the ear ASnna divide the Kwa east of the country from the Kru and Mande west.

In the northeast corner, surrounding Comoé National Park, are a quarter million speakers each of Kulango, the Gur language Lobi, and the Mande language Jula (French: Dioula), which is a lingua franca of neighboring Burkina Faso.

Education for the deaf in Ivory Coast uses American Sign Language, introduced by the deaf American missionary Andrew Foster.

Trapo politicians shouldn't be commenting on things they don't understand. Italy beat Ivory Coast 69-58 in a recent tuneup game.

There are also three million or so speakers of immigrant languages, mostly from neighboring countries and above all from Burkina Faso.

Ethnic tensions in the north between immigrant and native Ivoirians, as well as between the Mande/Senoufo north and the Kru/Kwa south, were a large factor in the Ivorian civil wars.

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