Jennifer aniston dating

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They announced plans to start making babies in February 2004 but before they could get into it, lady Jolie shows up on the set of portraying one half of the titular character and Pitt the other. Of course, Brad would go on to date Angelina Jolie.The flame between Jen and Pitt begin to dim from then on. The new year 2005 started with the sad news of Brad and Jen’s split, ending their 7 year-relationship and with a second woman in the picture, the world didn’t take it lightly – well part of the world. Fans of the film did love it though and we can’t deny how Brangelina looked so perfect together.Well, before Pitt came into Aniston’s life, there were other men, though none came close as Pitt did.Without further ado, follow us as we take you through Jennifer Aniston’s dating history.After a 15-month whirlwind romance, they were engaged in 2012 and married in August 2015. Rumors surfaced that while Jen was married to Justin, she kept love notes from her days with Brad.This further sparked rumors that Jennifer and Brad could come back together.

As we all know Brangelina ended things in September 2016, after two years of officially tying the knot.

Right (at least we all thought he was at the time).

Aniston and Pitt were actually matched up by their agents.

They made their red carpet debut as a couple at the September 1999 Emmys.

Two months after that surprise appearance, Jenny was seen rocking a solid rock at a Sting concert.

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