Manually updating rubygems

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However, from time to time, you might want to update the gems you are using to the newest versions that still match the gems in your Gemfile(5).

To do this, run bundle update, which will ignore the Gemfile.lock, and resolve all the dependencies again.

Installing Ruby on Rails on Windows is a simple and straightforward process.

--strict Do not allow any gem to be updated past latest --patch | --minor | --major.

The One-Click Ruby Installer comes prepackaged with a lot of useful libraries. Download version 1.8.6-25 or higher here (see Figure 12):

group_id=167&release_id=10461This version contains the 1.8.6 version of Ruby for Windows and should work just fine for Rails.

This error happens when your computer is missing a file that it needs to verify that the server behind Ruby is the correct one.

Follow the steps outlined in the Ruby Gems and Bundler Open SSL/TLS guide to troubleshoot the problem.

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