Many in their twenties self absorbed dating

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Or maybe it's you -- you're not sure what you want just yet.You just don't see eye-to-eye with her on what you want your future to look like.Maybe there's no chemistry or she's too self-absorbed. You want to believe you can make it work with her, that this could be something special.So you convince yourself to go out with her once or twice more, but to your disappointment, there's nothing there.

Maybe it was her fault: she stood you up, strung you along or held her past negative dating experiences against you to the point that you felt like you couldn't win.Or maybe she revealed something about you that you that was tough to hear.Either way, you question yourself and even question dating period.The Crappy Timing Girl This one causes a different kind of pain.You meet at the most unexpected time, usually just before one of you moves away or makes a big life change.

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