New jersey fat women for dating

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Back in August, I found text messages in my boyfriend of 7 years phone.I tried to give this woman the benefit of the doubt and maybe she didn’t know about me.the other divorced dirty ho shes @ North Plainfield NJ!!So this creep was sending unsolicited d1ck photos to married women so we contacted his wife and she decided to help us teach him a lesson.called her his love bug and made it out that she couldn’t maintain without him.Once husband found out about the affair and allegedly called Andrew .. even threaten to call the husbands work to try to get him fired .Married man contacted Andrews girlfriend and provided pictures and the email conversations.

He is so psychotic and deranged that it is believed he actually enjoys transmitting his dirty DRD’s.

She apologized to Andrews girl and told Andrew that everything they did was wrong and that they are not good people .

Andrew has since never contacted the married woman again.

Mental issues combined with self diagnosed conditions and abusing rx drugs and strret drugs have destroyed her former good looks. His current girlfriend lives with him in his parents attic and also works with him.

Her nickname was “slampig” at high school Andrew manipulated and took advantage of a married women. Andrew requested pictures videos sent the same bracelet to this married woman that he bought for his girl friend.

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