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A restaurant isn’t necessarily a bad idea on a blind date — especially if it’s casual like Alta Calidad, with a bar occupying much of the space.

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Adirondack If you’re looking for an “activity date” but still want to drink, here’s one we tested — and liked a lot — recently.

And the options for continuing the date less than a block away are myriad: Weather Up for cocktails, Four & Twenty Blackbirds for cider and salty-honey pie, Ample Hills for a scoop of ice cream, etc. Quiet South 1st Street tends to be safe from the boisterous crowds in the area, and Dardy Bar caters to drinkers who appreciate a low-key vibe.

There’s cocktails and beer-shot specials, so it’s easy to keep the date going into the wee hours, fueled by chili-topped nachos.

Bar Goto A top-notch bar to impress a first date with some of the city’s best cocktails, but keep in mind that lots of people know so: You’ll be out with a lot of other online daters.

It’s great for a drink after a movie at the Sunshine (just hurry and go before the theater is demolished).

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