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Shortly after the Supreme Court acted, the House passed a bill that would have overturned the court's outrageous decision.

But Senate Republicans, claiming the bill would lead to a flood of unfounded suits against employers, blocked a vote, and President Bush vowed to veto the bill if it ever crossed his desk.

The bill made it through the House last year, but was blocked by Senate Republicans.

Obama, who voted for the bill as a senator, is certain to sign the new bill if it's not kept from him by a Republican filibuster in the Senate.

Women's earnings are needed by most families, and in many cases, women are their family's only breadwinner.

Even women doing the same work as men, or work that's as valuable to employers as that of their male counterparts, almost always are paid less.

The bill that finally reached Obama's desk for signing provides that the 180-day time limit for filing lawsuits under the Civil Rights Act doesn't begin to run until the last discriminatory act by an employer.

What's most needed now is enactment of the Paycheck Fairness Act that's been pending for a dozen years.

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Well, I for one the minute he does that I want an indoor air conditioned office job ..This means there is a minimum and a maximum and not a blanket EQUAL pay.For instance, female nurses, physicians, surgeons, professors, schoolteachers and lawyers earn as much as 30 percent less than men in their fields. Ok so why don't thes women sue the companies if they can prove it?It's named for a retired tire plant supervisor in Alabama, who discovered, after nearly 20 years on the job, that she was being paid less than male supervisors. Ledbetter sued for discrimination under the 1964 Civil Rights Act.But the Supreme Court ruled in 2007 that the law requires workers to sue no later than 180 days after their discriminatory pay rate was set, even if, like Ms.

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