Online dating spam welldating com

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You meet someone great online – either on social media or a dating app.

Their profile is impressive, and they’re quick to compliment you.

The scammer then uses the information to steal money or commit identity theft.

Phishing attacks can also give scammers access to your computer or network to install malware or ransomware.

You can also report phishing emails to [email protected]

If you receive one of these warnings, do not visit the site.

However, just because a website does not generate a warning, does not mean it is legitimate.

Sometimes they “scan” your computer to try to convince you there is something wrong. Instead, try exiting the internet, restarting your computer, or manually pressing the “off” button on your computer. Be careful though when searching for businesses on the internet – sometimes illegitimate services have paid for ads and created websites that might lead you to think they are the real thing!

Phishing is a scam in which the scammer poses as a legitimate, trusted source, in order to trick you into providing sensitive data such as your username, password, banking details or social security number.

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