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However, since you are either visually impaired, arrogant, naïve or just plain illiterate, I will treat you with respect and send you a “nice talking to you but go away” email. The old adage says the definition of being crazy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result each time.I see where some women indicated that they got off the internet dating merry-go-round for a while presumably because they did not find Mr. I always wonder whether they reevaluated their standards and decided to expand the age requirement or any other criteria to increase the probability of success. : This last theory embodies many other theories but in lieu of listing more theories, I believe I now could write a generic narrative for a large percent of the women on these sites which captures the ambiance and bouquet of my theories. So here am I with hat in hand, An officer and a gentleman, who has four grown boys and one son with a wife, Looking for an angel for the rest of my life. I like to work and play, and I am looking for one where I can say, She is beautiful and always makes my day.However, this is an unofficial survey with a sample and population of one.This is not to demean the women who are searching for a perfect match like – finding shoes, gloves and hat that all go together.

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A few women may take a chance and try to chart those seas but until the ex is truly ex, you will not be a Piranha but winks and emails will be rare.

There are women who upload almost ever picture they can and they generally have good reason to be so prolific.

They obviously just spent a ton of money and had a photo shoot at the beach, in the forest, various chairs and sofas in her house and occasionally one choreographed by her beautifully manicured bed or faithful dog.

Speaking of dogs, I did not know or realize how many divorced women own dogs.

Does the court system issue them a free dog certificate after the ex-husband is sent to the never-come-back Dog House?

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