Parental factors on interracial dating

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Talk highly of your partner in front of your parents, you have my permission to exaggerate a little.This may help to calm your parent’s fears and swing their opinion favourably towards him/her!We are looking at both sides of the picture, whether you are struggling to cope with conservative parents of if you are dating someone with conservative parents, as it can be stressful for both of the parties involved.One key relationship milestone is meeting the family, introducing your partner especially if you’re Asian signifies you are serious about each other. Introducing a partner who is outside your culture is best handled with some care and thought.But, it is important to take it easy with your parents, for the most part they are doing what they feel is best for you.

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For example, in some Asian families it’s tradition to touch the feet of a respected elder. If the family are vegetarian, don’t take food stuff made with animal products.

If they take the time to cook for you, remember to thank the host and praise the chef.

In fact isn’t it the best Indian food you’ve ever tasted – wink wink! Are you expected to move back to their country of origin?

Asian parents may sound scary but honestly they’re not. Again, it’s no different to meeting anyone new from dating sites for the first time.

Sure, there are certain culture behaviours which have to be respected.

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