Play wii games without updating console

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Just to clarify, in the tiny off-chance that it might help you, here are exactly the steps I took: -Paused downloads in the Download menu -Deleted any visible Smash-related downloads in the Download menu -Resumed downloads in the Download menu -Shut down and restarted the Wii U -Transferred the Smash data to my external HD -Returned to the e Shop and selected "Redownload" for the new Smash DLC, waited for that download to complete -Launched Smash from the disc, which prompted the new (now-successful) update installation I sounds like you're doing just that, but maybe there's something in there that'll get you up and running. Welp, I didn't think deleting some already-downloaded 80kb DLC files unrelated to the update itself would solve the problem, but clearing the list seemed to do it. I think it was triggered by Download Management, since it retains freshly downloaded items until you launch the corresponding game/app and doesn't offer a way to clear the list before doing so. I know I'd be pretty frustrated if I suddenly lost access to Smash Bros. There's actually quite a bit I like about the OS, but yeah, Download Management should really have a simple "clear queue" option.In any case, this was one of the rare times that really had me thinking that Nintendo needs to up their OS game on the NX. Of course, it because there was an update required to do so. In any case, enjoy your Smash-meets-Bayonetta insanity — it's really great stuff.After running the program, you will be returned to the Wii U menu. Use WUPInstaller to install game updates if needed.You will continue to be able to access the Nintendo e Shop servers until you either turn off your console, or open/close System Settings.Before I deleted the Zelda data off my console, I believe I had updated through version 1.3.4.If I could install update data through that version, I should be able to play the best version of the game my limited hard drive space will allow. Thus, Data Management believed that something was in progress (even though it actually wasn't) and locked down everything related to Smash because all files related to one game are grouped together.

I actually tried contacting Nintendo support first and they weren't able to provide any solution outside of generic ones that didn't help, so I'm just hoping someone else has encountered this and solved it.

Even clearing all the game data through the Settings leaves me about 1 GB short.

I even tried disconnecting from the internet and attempting to play with just the data installed from the disc, but without a downloaded update, it will not run.

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