Poor boy dating great questions to ask a girl online dating

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Picture the scene – The curtains/blinds are closed, the candles are lit and you’re cuddling up to your other half.Now all you need is the perfect movie to complete your romantic evening in.This famous line has become one of the most touching love quotes of all time.Notting Hill is a refreshing take on a romantic comedy.With its Christmas theme, this may be one to save until December time. Pretty Woman Another classic on the list, Pretty Woman is an unlikely love story that was released in 1990.Following the story of a business man and a prostitute he hires to escort him to social events, this epic movie is a must see.The story may be a little far-fetched but then again, isn’t it always the way with romantic comedies? Love Actually Love Actually is one of the best British films to be released.

Prepare for plenty of laughs with a little romance thrown in for good measure. When Harry Met Sally If you’ve never heard of this movie, where have you been?Created by James Cameron and released in 1997, this is another film that you’ll need your tissues handy for.Featuring Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio, the plot revolves around a rich girl who falls in love with a poor boy aboard the first ‘unsinkable’ ship ‘Titanic’.When young newcomer Cameron falls for Bianca, he comes up with a plan to woo her.Paying bad boy Patrick (Heath Ledger) to take Kat on a date, it starts a string of events that lead to tears, heartbreak and happiness. Ghost Ghost is one of those films that will really pull on your heart strings.

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