Pop star dating sim cheats

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He seemed taken aback when I spoke to him and he peered at me really suspiciously. I thought maybe he didn’t speak English, so I tried a few words of Korean, but honestly, my accent was Goddamn awful. He seemed relieved about something.‘You’re American? ’ he said.‘Yeah,’ I nodded, ‘but my mom’s Korean – we just moved here.’He nodded and smiled, and Damnnnnn – from what I could see underneath that hoodie, that boy was smoking hot.

He was about nineteen or twenty, and he was tall with a sparse, muscular physique.

My mom was an administrator at a local university and she was there pretty much all day, so after school I’d come home, cook dinner, clean the house, and maybe go out to buy groceries if we needed anything.

Since there was only the two of us, my mom and me, I’d quickly learned to pull my weight. Just going out to the store was like some magical mystery tour.

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I told him a little about myself and after that we ended up going for a coffee – he seemed lonely, and nervous, and kept looking over his shoulder, the way a kid does when he expects to get caught by grown-ups. He told me he’d lived in Phoenix, Arizona, when he was a kid.‘You like Seoul?She was sitting in a corner of the playground, reading Ce Ci, a popular gossip magazine, and instantly I recognized the guy on the cover.‘Who’s that? Song looked at me like she thought I was having her on. He was the lead singer for a five-boy group called Junior 17, that had literally taken the charts by storm in the last three years. I’d had coffee with a living idol and I seriously regretted not taking a selca (selfie) with him. ‘Yeah,’ I said, ‘sure.’What the hell did he want to meet up with me for?I pretty much forgot about him after that, so I was pretty surprised when I got a call from Park a few days later. I was a nobody.‘You didn’t tell me you were a celebrity,’ I said as I slipped into the corner booth opposite him later that afternoon.He stooped a lot - the way tall people do when they’re trying to look less noticeable.He recommended that I not use fish with my kimchi-jjigae.

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