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Each night, the contestants — who include a sports car racer, a model, and an English teacher — must text each other anonymously in an attempt to woo the object of their affections.

The show is a Chinese spin-off of a popular South Korean show of the same name and premiered on tech giant Tencent’s video site at the end of August.

In China, parents tend to take more active roles in matchmaking.

Shanghai’s marriage market is a case in point — each weekend, the park is packed with parents desperately hunting for their children’s future spouses.

Since then, the four episodes have sparked plenty of discussion online — especially about whether the show is scripted and what covert techniques the contestants use to express their love.

The show has a 7.4 out of 10 rating on China’s popular reviewing site Douban, and millions have tuned in to watch each of the episodes.

Thanks to the program “Chinese Dating,” parents get a chance to shine on dating shows as well.

The first known show in the genre was 1988’s “Television Matchmaker,” which screened on a local channel in northern Shanxi province.The subtler approach of “Heart Signal” heralds in a new era of dating shows in China.Unlike previous matchmaking shows in which contestants have been forced to stand awkwardly on a flashy stage in front of a studio audience, these contestants are set free in a house to interact organically, reflecting a growing interest in reality television among audiences.In the show, which bears resemblance to the popular British dating show “Take Me Out,” 24 women stand behind glowing podiums on a stage that looks more like the set for a game show than a place conducive for romance.One by one, male contestants come to the stage, only to be subjected to intense questioning and often harsh judgement.

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