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The additional security offered by this toolbar is split into the Search-Shield (verifies the build in Yahoo!-search results) and the Active Surf-Shield (a real-time protection of visited websites).Hi there, running build 15063.11 as of yesterday, and noticed that a few of my Startup shortcuts did not run successfully from C:\ Users\ USERNAME\ App Data\ Roaming\ Microsoft\ Windows\ Start Menu\ Programs\ Startup nor via Services (using nssm tool).I made sure every shortcut and underlying app is configured to be run as Admin, more-so, I played around with the Services authorization (using local admin vs System, etc), all to no avail.Windows seem to forget how to manage memory because after installing the update the computer froze after rebooting the computer and monitoring the processes I saw memory was full ran a diagnostic reported the sticks were fine.Love the new update hate the bugs I had to rollback because.Mouse won’t work in lower-resolution fullscreen applications. The restart button is working fine, but after I click the shutdown button, it says Shutting Down and after that, I have a black screen but my PC is still on.…With CU, when choosing that parent folder, only one pic is displayed on background and it never changes.

If you need some help to troubleshoot any issues you may have faced, please see this post on common Windows problems after an upgrade or search for the error message on this site.

I have updated my Windows 10 to the latest version.

After update I can’t see any text in explorer (no folder and file names), only icons are shown. On the other hand, the new settings menu is working as well as menu start.

Some users who upgraded their PCs to Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Windows 10 Creators Update or Windows 10 Fall Creators Update have been reporting various random problems.

The actual number may be very small, but we are listing below some of them which can be found here in our comments as well Reddit & the Microsoft Answers Forum.

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