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And one risk that applies not only to married people but also single people, is the risk of getting caught.

Whether a spouse is a factor or not, people been known to get fired, lose out on new opportunities, and get completely shamed online and in public after others learn of a john’s prostitution.

I once heard a rumor at a bar that went something like this…

“For every five prostitutes that are true, there is one officer undercover.” Of course, that was back in the day, before the internet…when you used to have to roll up to a street corner and give a little honk.

Their ideal client is typically someone who messages them first, so feel free to message these people and strike up casual conversation.

These women post pictures of themselves (of which are sometimes not the actual woman), and sometimes advertise their prices in form of “roses” or “kisses” per half hour or hour.

Engaging in any sexual intercourse with a stranger, especially someone who partakes in regular unprotected sexual activity with other strangers for a living like a prostitute, is far riskier than with a known partner.

Condoms are very simple protection devices capable of creating the barrier necessary to almost entirely eliminate this worry.

Then there’s the risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Unfortunately, according to the BBC, 50 percent of prostitutes around the world have contracted the HIV virus. Thus, if hiring a prostitute, it is absolutely necessary to bring and use your own condoms.

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