Qi gai and wang zi dating

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But I don't think he likes her now because they're not planning anymore drama now.Also they're not allow to date because of their contract. well, nobody knows for sure but we do know that gui gui likes aaron.This season saw an increase of the number of contestants, at 13, up from 12 from the previous season. Han Hong was named the winner of the competition on the finals aired March 27, 2015, and Han was the first female winner of the series.Li Jian and The One came in as first and second runners-up.So, something like your computers' operating system is a GUI, but something like a non-smart-phone is a Menu-Driven-Interface, where you navigate the system via menus.

The following singers participated in the third season are listed in alphabetical order (singers without a placement for the final is listed as finalist, and singers withdrew were listed as withdrawn): Key: Singer Li Ronghao was the first challenger of the season.

If the Challenger was successful, the other seven incumbent singers were in risk of elimination.

Votes from the Challenge rounds was separate from Knockout rounds.

The Qualifying and Knockout rounds were retained as part of the show's format.

As with previous seasons, the combined vote count from both the Qualifying and Knockout rounds determined which singer was eliminated on the night.

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