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Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.Browse our free online dating ads according to region.However, though the departments formerly responsible for issuing marital status certificates have stopped doing this work, notary departments are not authorized to assume this role.It has caused some real difficulties." In order to solve the problem, notary offices in the province have adopted a new approach by notarizing personal declarations.

In another words, notarized documents can be the only legally acceptable documents in these countries.In these the individual concerned declares that he or she is single and accepts responsibility for the consequences of a false declaration.However this temporary measure though helpful is unable to properly resolve all the difficulties.They won't recognize the documents because Chinese law does not make provision for people who make false declarations to be held responsible." Legal experts say it is a matter of urgency to find an answer to these anomalies being experienced in the implementation of the new marriage registration regulations.Lü Huanan, director of the notary section of the Zhejiang Provincial Judicial Department, said, "The process of notarization is a standard international practice that plays an irreplaceable role in the legal procedures of many western countries.

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