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Mercury outgases in all of these things and is taken in through the lungs as well." "Being a powerful neurotoxin, mercury creates a state in the adherent which makes them highly susceptible to suggestion and other mind control techniques." Montell has a BANGING/HOT/OFF THE CHAIN, etc album that came out in 2008. ) But it seems that you are on Bey’s cyber clitoris…getting orgasms and ish from dropping her name in every post. Anyway, back to Terrance…[/quote] LMAO..em down [quote comment="429739"]Damn @ Terrance Howard. I saw on CNN the other night where they said black women get beat a lot. The issue of Child soldier is not new, but what should be of our concern is the type of persons we( as Africans ) have created and are creating that will be with us for the next 30 years or so. Most of them who come here from Jamaica are looking for someone to use and take advantage if not infect them with HIV/AIDS.I, myself, just happen to stumble upon it at Best Buy and very glad I did! Your tongue is probably salivating right now…drooling everywhere…waiting on my response about Bey. We are breeding a generation that will more likely by force become the future prostitutes, drug lord,arm robbers, drug users,extortionists,proxenetes and whores of Africa. I saw on CNN the other night where they said black women get beat a lot. My girlfriend was with someone who is Jamaican, and he messed her over BAD.Her girlfriends were telling everyone how he invited them back to his room and they saw them having sex. he said he was getting counseling and so should rhianna.these two have been in the spotlight, jet setting around the world since they have apparently been a couple. BLAME THE PARENTS WHO WERE NOT SUPERVISING THESE "YOUNG ADULTS".I don't know whose "guilty" or "innocent"..I know is that even a dog don't deserve to get beat down/bit. I didn't know Terrence was so aggressive, and Ummm there was also a video of Jay-Z beating on a woman last year..was seen pushing the woman around and pushing her head. It is still great that they are still coming to Rih's defense said that you should "do as i say not as I do." Lol THE VOODOO WORE OFF AND CHRIS GOT THE HELL OUT OF THERE AND THE B8TCH WENT CRAZY!!! Some people can’t go through a day without bringing her up.

And that it's interesting we heard a comment from Jay about Chris' situation but not about his BFF's a while back. And look which face on a milk carton made an appearance at the ATL premiere: This is how we do it, huh Montell Jordan? shaking my head can we move on now, let the man who did the beating redeem himself, it says a lot...

you are just a primate who has not evolved to a HUMAN BEING.

[quote comment="429749"][quote comment="429724"][quote comment="429674"][quote comment="429634"][quote comment="429627"]Bey will be next...[/quote] What makes you think that? Jay and Bey are both too smart and have TOO MUCH going on with their careers (and bank acciounts) to do a dumb thing like that.

Terrence Howard was once arrested on domestic violence charges and folks are saying that's why he should have kept his comment (that he later retracted) about Chris Brown & Rihanna to himself.

He said: According to a Whitemarsh Police Department report, after Howard and Lori Mc Commas argued on the phone, the actor warned, "Don't disrespect me by hanging up on me or I'll come over and hurt you." Mc Commas then "hung up and contacted 911 fearing Howard was serious." While Mc Commas was speaking with a police dispatcher, Howard "showed up at the victim's residence and began breaking the door down." Mc Commas ran to the rear of the house and into the backyard.

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