Sedating cats on airplanes one to two dating

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For example, if your cat has a heart condition it would be advisable to find ways to keep the cat as calm as possible to avoid aggravating their heart.

Or, a cat with a weak bladder might require extra trips to the airport bathroom or a quick change of bedding.

So if you’ve chosen to fly your cat in cabin with you here are some tips for smooth air travel.

Paperwork and restrictions Always be aware of all required paperwork well in advance of your trip to avoid surprises.

If you’re planning a flight to visit family or friends be aware that different states and countries have different guidelines when it comes to cat air travel.

Hawaii, for example, does not allow Bengal or Savannah cats.

Alice received a few bored glances from the TSA and security as I carried her in my arms through a scanning machine.

She was so quiet that no one seemed to even notice her.

Looked around the room, and then walked back inside her carrier for a nap before meeting her new housemates.I’d like to attribute Alice’s smooth trip to my preparation and probably a little bit of luck.Other cat owners I’ve spoken with on the subject have said that their trips were much more difficult than mine.On the plane I had to keep the carrier tucked beneath the seat in front of me.I could only see her if I bent down with my chin to my knees.

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