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This is the point when you need the safer sex talk, not when you have started to connect sexually. This festival is a place where much freedom, and sexual expression is happening.

There is a tendency towards hedonism, and a feeling of rebellion against the societal norms.

Many people get swept up in the energy of freedom, there is a wildness not just in the air but expressing through peoples bodies, hearts, minds and souls.

I saw how sex has actually a direct impact on your ability to access life energy, and is therefore a core component in living a free and happy life.I feel like there is a lot of shaming in our culture around neediness, and the more feminine expression of attachment, ( which is a beautiful and natural thing in relationship, without which our relationships would never endure the tests of time!) Because of this shaming many people are scared to have the conversation around after care, or own up to the desire to just have sex without any kind of on-going connection?Together, with Emmy-nominated Portlandia director, Alice Mathias, R/GA created Roo High School and sent You Tube stars Eva Gutowski, the Bell Twins and James Butler, plus barrier-breaking model La Shaunae Steward and transgender activist Aaron Philip, back to Prom.R/GA tapped its creative team and in-house influencer studio to source a diverse group of influencers between the ages of 18 to 24.

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