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We can also notice the social mobility in the social stratification in the society.Social mobility is the movement of one individual or a group from one social class into another or the process of changing one’s social class or status.The availability of opportunities was took advantage by the lower class to have a better life.The competition, like for example the election in which they said that it was the time wherein the poorest and the richest are equal, are also entered by the lower class in the society to get the chance to take over to the community and become one of those who are in the higher class.In fashion, the new trends and clothes of popular personality are in and what they are doing was imitated by the lower kind of person.Prestige in the society is also affected by this social stratification.Through this social stratification, men all over the society scatter discrimination and unfairness so that man will exert great effort in competing with others to move forward to the higher standard of living.They will exert effort to be known or to be popular to the public and to have a better life to get over to other.

It also affects the style of living of the people in the society.

As one of the result of these discrimination is the formation of a number of levels within society.

This number of levels within society are can be identified by the social classes or a group of people who share a similar position or status.

Sometimes, in a simple traffic violation, they usually involved the name of their known politician to escape the punishment that they should face.

In terms of wealth, they usually use money to do them a favor and to prioritize them.

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