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The second reason is Spoony himself has seemed to gone into "hiding" on the internet for the last few years other than Twitter of course.

There are many reasons for this to have happened.1.he is just "somebody" who did something that meant something to him, and now he is invited in the holy-halls of Lord British. I found this little oddity after digging through Google, and found a link to some crappy looking Blip index of some sort. ) Upload date: 2017-06-08The Avatar returns from Pagan to Britannia, or maybe Texas to stop the Guardian with all of his titanic powers of Ether, or probably not. I had some kind of microphone malfunction during this review, so the commentary may sound a little strange and off-sync. v=k Bonl P7_Qtg Uploader: Wrath's Turntable Time Machine Rocksmash Attack (AKA The Mysterious Reuploader, Ace-edo Mask! You would think I wouldn't do it because of ethics, and because doing so would be a GIGANTIC pain in the ass, that only a sadist would put themselves through not once, BUT THRICE! This was a part of the live action fighting game movie review series he did, though I don't remember where this fits in that timeline. It could be the worst game yet, but nobody puts Spoony in a corner!

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