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There are two rainy seasons in May/June and November/December – but the typically short showers provide nothing more than delightful refreshment.

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There was no explanation about why there were separated from the rest of the herd, so I asked Sameera about them too.“Those are orphans, they lost their mothers, so we have to take care of them. At one stage, I pointed over to that area and asked Sameera about it…

and why there were a few elephants being kept away from it.“This is the main area where the elephants are roaming freely.

Saying hello: Tamil and Sinhala are spoken in Sri Lanka.

The Tamil greeting is “van akkã” but there isn’t a word for “hello” in Sinhala, so people often greet each other with a smile. It’s hottest from June to September when, with temperatures averaging around 35°C, a chilled pool and an icy cocktail feel like heaven.

This is the one-stop shop to learn about all the public events that we carry out.

These events are listed in the order of recency, and you will come across events organised by multiple units of the British Council (i.e.

I asked Sameera about that.“Because these guys are abandoned in the wild, and some of them have some sicknesses, they would not survive in the wild. Here we have daily medication, daily keeping an eye on them, and especially food.

Its beach resorts and great diving are a big pull for leisure travellers.

Culture vultures flock to the ancient forts, temples and food spots.

I put the question about balancing tourism with conservation to Sameera.“The main purpose is conservation but we have to maintain the elephants.

We have 88 stomachs to feed, 88 big mouths to feed, so we get about 17 tonnes of food per day for them.

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