Talking to teens about dating

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Dating can provide someone to go to the movies with.Girls who can change her Facebook status to in a relationship may feel a rise in social status.Some parents think they’ve covered the bases with one or two comments, then leave their daughters to fend for themselves.

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You might think sex is OK after a certain age, or in the context of a loving, committed relationship.

Kantor suggests statements like, “The fact is, most people your age are not having sex.” Even as your daughter gains independence in some areas, when it comes to sex and dating you can and should stay involved. Don’t allow your daughter to spend a lot of unsupervised time with her boyfriend.

And don��t allow her to date someone who is two years or more older than her.

“An early love relationship can be a laboratory for how to be in a healthy relationship,” says Kantor. With a good dose of mutual respect and communication, they can learn about romance together.

If Your Daughter is Sexually Active, Stay Involved A lot of parents make the mistake of walking away when they realize their daughter is having sex.

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