Taylor lautner dating now

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Here's everything you need to know about him now that he's back in the BBC series Cuckoo...

In the late 2000s he became a sex symbol after starring as Jacob in the teen vampire movie franchise Twilight.

With his acting gigs come a lot of opportunity of mingling with fellow actresses.

Taylor’s had a history of dating co-stars who also played his romantic interest on-screen.

Ya know, I could be sitting in a cardboard box and that's where I'm happiest." , Lourd and Lautner's rumored relationship began in December 2016, just before Lourd tragically lost both her mother, Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher, and grandmother, iconic actress Debbie Reynolds, just one day apart.

Lautner attended the joint funeral for the screen legends, and from there, their whirlwind romance was well documented on Instagram, with Lautner posting photos of the couple jet-setting all over the world.

's Alison Wilmore wrote, "This may be the first film I've ever seen where when an actor goes to put his hand thoughtfully on his chin, it's so awkward I became afraid he'd somehow miss and poke himself in the eye." claimed "the emotion felt forced and it lacked authenticity," and that the film "is best as a Lifetime movie special of the week." The review even zeroed in specifically on Lautner's performance, saying "he just doesn't fit" in such a dramatic role, and that "he just isn't very believable, as much as he tries to be." Is it any surprise that Lautner seems to take a sabbatical after this?

in November 2016, saying "For me the biggest thing is just surrounding myself with people that I love, just spending time, it doesn't matter what I'm doing as long as I'm with my friends and my family.

TAYLOR Lautner is best known for playing the almost love interest of Bella in Twilight - the sexy werewolf Jacob.

You can now rent Charlie and Bella Swan’s Pacific Northwestern home from the beloved Twilight movies through Airbnb.

The teenage super-fan’s dream rental is a five-bedroom two-bathroom lodge and is just as charming as it was in the movies — and yes, the green kitchen cabinets are still intact!

" However, by July 2017, Lourd and Lautner were over as a couple, although they "are still friendly," according to a source for in November 2017, that he's kept in touch with Lautner since the series ended.

Davies hinted that they may work together in the future.

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