Updating 003 rack system firmware are blake mycoskie and maggie grace still dating

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and the answer is yes - Pro Tools 10 can also upgrade the 003 firmware.

I did the key combination you mentioned and Pro Tools offered the update and after a few minutes, a restart to the digi 003 and the pro tools and things are looking fine...

I just read back what I wrote and it may not be clear?

But what I meant is that I want to run the digi003 with Pro Tools 11 on the Mac (which will presumably need a firmware update?

All the software components in a given Oracle PCA release are designed to work together.

The MIDI lights flashing is the only indication on the 003 Rack that the unit is in this mode.The requirement applies to the following hard drives, which are customer-replaceable units: For firmware upgrades to version 2.2.8 or newer, an intermediate upgrade to unsigned version 2.2.7-2 is required.Version 2.2.7-2 can then be upgraded to the intended newer version.An overview of the documentation for appliance components can be found in the Preface of this book and on the index page of the Oracle PCA Documentation Library.To improve Oracle PCA supportability, reliability and security, Oracle has introduced a standardized approach to component firmware.

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