Updating xml column sql server 2016

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Creative chaos and energy, if tactfully harnessed and directed, led to effective ways to perform team-based tasks.

Then he wondered why these skills couldn't be applied to the workplace.

Are we DBAs doing it wrong in the way we interact with our co-workers?

Database Administrators are, by our nature and the requirements of our job, control-oriented.

We get up at AM on a Sunday to put out figurative, or even literal, fires. I think that we, as DBAs, can be better by embracing the ideas of “leadership through service”.

Leadership through service teaches us that we can best set direction if we best serve, best help, best provide an environment through which people can get what they need, but do it within a paradigm that also moves in a good direction. Help them get things done, but always keeping in sight your end goal of a safe production landing. The more manual your processes, the more pain you’re going to feel. I understand that some organizations just won’t be able to adapt this approach.This is the moment where the control over development starts, in order to tame the beast, and it’s at this moment that we’ve gone wrong.Our responsibilities as DBAs require us to set some direction on how to manage information within our databases and the organization.Here are my suggestions for how to get this done: You’ll need to have a process to get code from development to production, but you don’t want to control development. In fact, as with many things, the more difficult approach is the right approach.Doing things the way we’ve always done them may be easy, but it doesn’t mean it’s right.

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