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Class level constraints are useful if it is necessary to inspect more than a single property of the class to validate it or if a correlation between different state variables has to be evaluated.In Example 2.3, “Class level constraint” we add the property When validating an object that implements an interface or extends another class, all constraint annotations on the implemented interface and parent class apply in the same manner as the constraints specified on the validated object itself.This makes for example wizard like validation possible where in each step only a specified subset of constraints get validated.The groups targeted are passed as var-args parameters to By default, constraints are evaluated in no particular order and this regardless of which groups they belong to.

To do so, just annotate a field or property representing a reference to another object with instance is added for each violated constraint.In order to use this constraint, an implementation of the Java Scripting API as defined by JSR 223 ("Scripting for the Java Platform") must part of the class path.This is automatically the case when running on Java 6.Performs validation recursively on the associated object.If the object is a collection or an array, the elements are validated recursively.

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