Validating the cross racial identity scale

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Although there were many things that contributed to the development of the original Nigrescence model, three of these stand out: pursuing clinical psychology for his master’s degree, the Black Power movement in the mid- to late 1960s, and the death of Martin Luther King, Jr., in 1968.

After completing his bachelor’s degree in psychology, Cross enrolled in a master’s program in clinical psychology in 1963.

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However, the Black movement’s emphasis on African Americans having the power to be anything they chose to be—an idea initially inculcated by his mother—led him to embrace this idea in a way that he had not done earlier.

Reading books like From Superman to Man, with its documentation of the consanguinity of many Blacks and Whites, supported this notion.

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In the original formulation, everything linked to pre-encounter was thought to be negative and potentially pathological.

The assassination reminded Black people in the United States of (a) the hatred and segregationist beliefs grounded in miseducation, (b) their existential connections to being Black, and (c) the importance of responding as a community.

Going to Princeton in 1969 put Cross in a forum where he could discuss his ideas with other intellectuals; this environment supported the seminal publication of his original Nigrescence model in the journal Black World in 1971.

He did not want his son to be educated but unemployable.

Cross chose not to pursue a skilled trade, initially a source of tension between him and his father, and was the only one of his siblings (Dolores, Shirley, Charlene, Charles, and Judith) to attend college. She insisted that Cross could do anything he wanted to do, but she also pointed out that to be successful, he needed to be much better at it than others, if he expected to succeed and be taken seriously.

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