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In April 2013, the couple had to rush Moke to the animal hospital because the cat became suddenly ill. Two months later, Dobrev was getting ready for a trip when her “kid” hopped in the suitcase. Or it could have been his weekend to have the cat, like in a traditional parenting agreement in a divorce.It was Nina Dobrev’s casting first which helped the creators pick the two other main actors for Stefan and Damon Salvatore.Then they found out Ian Somerhalder was interested.Somerhalder stated it was 7-10 days of meetings, interviews, and auditions.Even Plec said that she couldn’t think of anyone else in that part. And for three years, Dobrev and Somerhalder were good together in real life too. Graham didn’t call the couple hippies to be mean - she meant it as a very positive way to look at the relationship.Somerhalder and Dobrev are “genuinely good people who strive toward having a good relationship,” Graham had said.If that is what being a hipping means when dating, then everyone should strive to be a hippie with a significant other.During their 3 years as a couple, Somerhalder and Dobrev appeared to make everything work as best they could, especially since they were constantly in the spotlight.

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Dobrev wanted to be professional on the show, but then two years later, when she did another interview for Seventeen magazine, she was dating Somerhalder. In another tweet, she posted a photo with “Kid is helping me pack…” It’s understandable Dobrev would keep the cat; she had always said Ian is a nice guy, so it stands to reason he would let her keep Moke.

As with many leading men and women who are significant others on a TV show, feelings can sometimes grow between them.

Often, relationships outside the show become just as official.

Because Somerhalder is a happy person, she credits him with being one way to deal with any stress in her life. “I think people should be with the person who makes them smile.” She states that you shouldn't be in that relationship if you don’t smile anymore.

Dobrev praises that it’s okay to have good and bad experiences with dating because you’ll find out what you do and don’t like in a person. “You should always be with the people who make you feel happiest.” .

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