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*Jim's Story, a series of five short cartoons following a boy called Jim.

The cartoons are a satirical poke at the antics of his younger brother James. * Fat Pie, the series of three cartoons the site was originally created for.

David Firth (born January 23, 1983) is a university animation student and animator of Flash animations and various short videos from Doncaster, England.

Much of his work is humorous, highly abstract and mostly deals with mental illness, nightmare imagery and surrealism.

A lények szólnak hozzá, megérintik, kérésekkel bombázzák: Cole látja a halottakat. Egy korábbi kezeltje hasba lövi, és ő az eset után más városba költözik: nehezen nyeri vissza korábbi önmagát, felejteni próbál.

Firth's most notable works are currently Salad Fingers, Burnt Face Man and Devvo; his work first became noticed when the second episode of Salad Fingers was featured on the front page of Newgrounds on July 16, 2004.They are found by clicking hidden links around the site.*Whore-os, a collection of assorted things Firth has considered not good enough to be on the main site, from a bizarre webcomic to parodies of Australians.Found by clicking the "O" in the word "Whore" in the top right hand corner on the main page, hence the name.*Health Reminder, a satire on health products and advertisements on healthy living.His solo work is now referred to by the name Locust Toybox (formerly Foyf (the Scribbler)). Locust Toybox, was released by Synchrostart Media..He has described his Locust Toybox work as IDM (even though he declares it to be a "stupid" name for a genre), Trip-Hop and Ambient.

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