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Ever practical, we’ll pack a flask of hot tea and take a few cheese and tomato rolls to eat whilst looking out over the rolling waves and dancing white horses.

More importantly, perhaps, we’ll pack a cheeky bottle of wine which we’ll present to you as though it were a platinum rose.

Day-to-day life revolves very much around family and friends.

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Forget black tie and ball gowns, we’re more gilets and wellies.

Historically in Britain, the words were not restricted to modern Wales or to the Welsh but were used to refer to anything that the Anglo-Saxons associated with the Britons, including other non-Germanic territories in Britain (e.g.

Cornwall) and places in Anglo-Saxon territory associated with Britons (e.g.

Of course, most Welshmen will probably forget to bring a corkscrew, but it won’t take us long to find someone we know on the beach who has one on their keyring. Double your chances and give Cardiff Dating Site a try for free today.

And if you get cold, there’s nothing a Welshman won’t do for you.

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