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Perhaps did they add that they are really struggling financially? I just said that some of them are in college, and I believe that some of them are. The ones who sit there for hours chatting may be lonely.

The rest are either doing it for the money, because they are exhibitionists or both.

Going to the gym, waxing, tanning- all for that high.

i also have some vid clips of me and an ex boyfriend to trade but only if you have the samehey guys, I'm kelly from florida..5'7,135,brn/brn...34d .Unless they want to bore people and totally sacrifice having a real life, a top performer is only going to be online for a couple of hours a day M - F--a little more on the weekend.So on the high end, I'd guess performers are streaming 10 to 15 hours a week.Do you ever think about these people behind the camera? He admitted that at the end of the day it's more about one being an exhibitionist.There certainly seem to be a lot of guys in Latin America and Eastern Europe are on these sites. So I feel good when I am able to give them some $$$ that will help them pay for college etc. Cannot remotely judge their character based on a few minutes of them jerking off. I guess you think there is something sacred about jerking off? Probably for the same reason they are doing it- only they get off showing it. Did they tell you they were gay too and that you sounded really hot? I'm not going to believe everything some stranger tells me online, obviously.

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