Who all has lance bass dating

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In the piece, titled LGBT pride is a necessary part of the resistance to this political era of hatred, Bass says that the blame has to be placed at politicians’ feet for rising intolerance that is dangerously driving LGBT people back into hiding.

Speaking about the experience of being scared to come out, he said “Staying in the closet has a lot to do with the environment in which you live; people are usually scared to come out for a reason.

The former *NSYNC member made countless headlines and magazine covers when revealing he was gay in 2006, and thereafter, the world saw him marry his prince Michael Turchin in 2014.

Now, Bass is helping single men attempt to find a match with his new, history-making show.

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Beyond the role of game show host, Bass is personally tied to FPC and its contestants because in some ways, he sees himself in them.

"There's a lot of deep issues that come out, because in our community a lot of us start dating way later in life, I know I did," the 37-year-old explains.

"A lot of these guys never had a boyfriend before, they never really dated. Conversion therapy, being kicked out of their homes, living on the street, having to go into sex work, [coming out]." Finally, these struggles are surfacing in a mainstream way."People don't really talk about [that] and it's a big part of our community," Bass says.

Logo is getting some skin into the dating reality-show game. No doubt the big question on every viewer’s mind will be: What if the guys just fall in “love” with one another?

The network has announced that former boy-band heartthrob and married man Lance Bass will host Finding Prince Charming, a Bachelor-style reality dating show for gay men, in which 13 “charming and gorgeous” men will live together in one house while competing for “the nation’s most eligible gay heartthrob.” (Yes, they’ll all be living in a house in L.

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