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Neither Allison or Cherry understand it either and they are both being patient on how to learn more of the situation nicely.I am linking to a nice enough picture of my cousin hanging out with Allison and Cherry off set a bit.One of my cousins is doing some of the camera work on "The Untitled Christian Camargo Project" and that is to be a modern day retelling of "The Seagull."Katie Holmes stars in it and Cherry Jones has a supporting role.Allison Janney is also in it and she has been friends with Cherry Jones for ages. Allison Janney and Cherry have been having a lovely time of things off set and are truly proper professionals on set. They have both tried to just try to see if Katie Holmes would like to join in on some of the fun because they are basically nice ladies in that regard.I think Cherry Jones should play President Coin in the other two "Hunger Games" movies.It would go without saying that she could play that character with no troubles at all and it would give her greater leverage in her career.I have a feeling Paulson is really trying to be a lot more hollywood with her recent move out to Cali.for her to sleep with some director guy who can take her places. I love Cherry Jones as an actress as well as a Bible Belt Gay very much.

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Any rumors of an upcoming role or a new ladyfriend? I have some innocent seeming gossip about Cherry Jones.

The time for Milliken’s coffee klatch with Jones hasn’t been firmed up yet, since Jones is currently filming a movie in Connecticut. I really wish I could go to it but I just plainly can't.

All this time there has been a Cherry Jones thread? If anyone knows about the art of period acting it sure as hell would be Cherry Jones. Hadn't a clue that there was a Cherry Jones thread!

Katie Holmes just cannot hang out with Allison and Cherry not because she dces not want to but because the $cieno handler Tom Cruise makes her bring along to any job she has will not let her.

My cousin is a Latin gentleman and he just shared all of this with me because he finds it surreal that a grown adult wife and mother would have a babysitter of sorts.

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