Who is dating halle berry

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A so-called “insider” tells the tabloid, “They make a really sweet couple.

He’s got a permanent smile on his face and it’s obvious that he and Halle think the world of each other.” The questionable source adds, “Keanu can be quite morose, but Halle has definitely made him feel good about himself again.” This idea that Reeves isn’t happy is possibly based on a 2010 a paparazzi shot of the actor looking glum while eating a sandwich on a park bench.

She had won Miss Teen All American in 1985 and Miss Ohio USA in 1986.

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The Oscar-winning actress on Monday took to Instagram to disclose the leafy vine tattoo which spanned the length of her spine."Who says I'm not a mermaid," Halle wrote along with her photograph in which she can be seen wearing a mermaid-colored sequin skirt while standing in front of a stove while cooking some eggs, it seemed.For now, the origins of the tattoo are a mystery, since Berry didn't tag a particular tattoo artist.The Monster's Ball actress has at least one other tattoo - a sunflower on her derriere covering her ex-husband's name.It’s obviously unlikely the pair sparked a love affair over the course of one workday, during which they would have spent the majority of the time shooting scenes.Regardless, a source close to Berry told us on the condition of anonymity that she and Reeves aren’t an item.

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