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Basically an excuse for celebrity impressions, Bennett’s Drew Carey welcomed Chris Redd’s Lil Wayne, Mc Kinnon’s Tilda Swinton, Moffat’s Chris Hemsworth (opposite musical guest Miley Cyrus – who’s engaged to Hemsworth’s brother Liam, who made an appearance here, in real life – as a non-celebrity contest), and David as Bernie Sanders.We also got Melissa Villasenor as Ariana Grande, Strong’s Sofia Vergara, and the return of Baldwin’s excellent Tony Bennett, plugging various laxatives with just the gosh darn most easy-going demeanor you’ve ever seen.

Next came a digital short with Aidy Bryant playing White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, turning a press conference into a music video based on Demi Levato’s “Simply Complicated.” Bryant’s impression is solid, but the video seemed a weak effort to replicate Mc Kinnon’s success as Kellyanne Conway in last season’s style musical number.

This was weirdly indicative of much of the episode to follow, an episode where the comedy’s timing often felt off, with sketches laden with long stretches devoid of laughs that were just starting to catch fire seconds before ending.

In Manafort, Moffat finds his first character that doesn’t quite work – there’s not much personality in Manafort to mock, apparently.

“Kenan, how long do you have to be here not to do this kind of stuff,” he asks Thompson, the longest-tenured cast member in the show’s history. Rather than reporting on Trump’s latest tweets, Che expressed his (our) exhaustion with them.

“I’m tired of watching the President of the United States have an emotional breakdown on social media like he’s Tyrese. “If you wanna live-tweet Morning Joe, or Cupcake Wars, or whatever else you watch, fine, but indictments are important, and you work for us,” he says.

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