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Some of Joker’s dialogue is so cringeworthy that it inspires automatic Kegel exercises: he says “this bird is cooked” when his plane catches on fire, and he straddles another criminal after making him kiss his ring, gushing, “I felt that,” or something similar.

He also offers Harley to another criminal as payment for a deal (although it’s not clear he actually means to go through with it), and changes her from Harleen into Harley, either by electroshock therapy or by goading her into jumping into a vat of chemicals.

For nearly as long as Batman has been fighting crime in the comic book pages, The Joker has been his sworn nemesis.

Debuting in 1940, only a year after the Dark Knight first showed up, Gotham City's Clown Prince of Crime is unquestionably Batman's most well-known adversary, which means that there have been numerous adaptations of him in other media.

As Captain Boomerang points out later, “you know what they say about the crazy ones.” One can only imagine the fun Harley and Joker probably have off-screen, as Jared Leto so obviously wanted us to.

Society wonders aloud why young women stay in problematic or controlling relationships, but we fail to point to cultural products like , and although much of it fails, unpacking the movie’s attempt to excite our “loins,” as Joker so queasily calls them, is worth a spin.

Let’s analyze Joker as a potential boyfriend in a serious-minded way, punctuating our take, as always, with spoilers.

Looking at the list of list of DCEU movies in development, there are plenty of worthy candidates who are worthier of leading their own movie than Joker, and that's including movies that look like they're close to happening, such as .

Let's expand the Batman mythos and ensure that Batgirl and/or Nightwing get their proper due.

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