Who is rex grossman dating

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I have to make plays down the field, but I have to stop turning the ball over. There's a fine line there and I definitely need to start playing better."It's something that I feel is almost there. It's frustrating."How much longer Grossman will have to worry about that frustration is open for debate.

Clearly there are signs of a move toward benching him.

Grossman's scrutiny and documented failings have come to transcend the typical sufferings of a quarterback.

His job performance is derided on a regular basis in all forms of media, both nationally and in Chicago.

In fact, in Grossman's last 17 contests (including the postseason) dating back to Oct.

16 of last season, he's stacked up an atrocious 25 interceptions to 18 touchdown passes.twenty-four interceptions.

Not only did Chicago lose to a Cowboys team that now has to be considered the new epicenter of the NFC, it leaves a lingering question about where the Bears stand.

Thus far, Chicago has lost to a San Diego team that is 1-2 and struggling, and beaten a Kansas City team that appears destined for a losing season.

By Sunday night, Grossman's job security appeared to be in absolute peril, though the coaching staff steadfastly maintained that no decisions would be made until Sunday's film could be reviewed.Rex Grossman his job." data-reactid="12"Right now, the Bears seem to have neither, and by Monday night, their absence could cost quarterback Rex Grossman his job.Dallas Cowboys that could ultimately be a defining moment for the 2007 season.Worse yet for the franchise, it's gotten to the point where the "Good Rex/Bad Rex" moniker is no longer accurate.This franchise has seen Grossman vacillate between "Average Rex" and "Awful Rex" for the last eight games.

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