Who is steven spielberg dating

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“Every single night my imagination would find something else to fear.” And still, you stare at the tree every single night.

You revisit the things that scare you until they don’t scare you anymore.

But it's possible we could hear more in just a few short weeks at Comic-Con.

Certain districts of Krakow may seem very familiar, even to those who've never stepped foot in Poland before.

You only stumble into the connection between them momentarily, when this new film is nearly finished and you’re doing your first press interviews for it.

It’s not about Lincoln, but it’s steeped in the way that encounter at the Lincoln Memorial —the confused way that childhood itself felt.

Outside of your bedroom window in New Jersey, across a long, empty field, is a tremendous tree. It was a huge tree,” you’ll later remember, and at night you watch its dark silhouette morph into horrible, demonic things.

You love that cycle of tension and resolution; it will become another trademark of your films.

“I’ve always opted for waking up after a bad dream and being so happy I was awake, and then wanting to go back to sleep to have that damn dream again,” you’ll say.

Though he won't divulge exactly what the project may be, director dropped this exciting nugget of news to Time Out Magazine, with New Zealand's Stuff picking up the coverage.

The actor only let this new project slip after being prodded about the long anticipated sequel to , their roles will flip-flop, with Jackson serving as the director this time out.

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