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Windows XP automatically scans for available wireless networks.If one is present, Windows XP will try to connect to it.The remote computer did not respond Manufacturers like Hawking make a range of "Hi Gain" wireless equipment. The wireless signals between your access point and your computer are absorbed and deflected by whatever obstacles are presented by features of your building construction.Depending on where your computer is relative to the wireless access point, these factors reduce the strength of the wireless signals that you send and receive, causing data to be lost and therefore having to be retransmitted.Check out alternative "wired" solutions like "Home Plug" or other "Ethernet over power line" solution, or else lay CAT5 cables if you are in a bind.

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It will take me a while to get everything set back up - I am not sure how to disable WEP.

On your working laptop right click on the wireless network icon and select view available wireless networks All manufacturers use the same standards, but implementations are different, so read reviews and shop around.

There are many other sources of possible interference.

If so, you must use the software provided to configure the network.

Sometimes you cannot use the Windows functionality.

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