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We should also remember that the data comes from those who went to Columbia at that time - as indicated by such variables as the field of study - and therefore the findings may not generalize to other situations.

Of course I also totally lack practical experience in speed dating - if you do, please let us know what you think of this analysis compared to your own experience below.

What's nice about a Random Forest is that it can show you the predictor importance estimates based on how error increases if you randomly change the value of particular predictors.Please note that I normalized the ratings for "like" and "probability" (of getting yes) because the actual rating scale differs from person to person.You subtract the mean from the data to center the data around zero and then divide by the standard deviation to normalize the value range.You also provided ratings on six attributes about your dates: The participants filled out survey questions when they signed up, including what they were looking for in the opposite sex and what they thought others of their own gender looked for. Let's first find out how successful those speed dating events were.If you take the mean ratings and then subtract the self-rating from the peer rating, you see that participants thought others were more into looks while they were also into sincerity and intelligence. If both you and your partner request another date after the first one, then you have a match.

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