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*** Bonus: If you have TIVO, you can pause her after she says, "Good evening, I'm Michelle..." Then you say out loud to a friend or loved one, " I need to drop a..." then unpause and she'll say "Two-zie". But if that comes through, I could very well be directing my second film this summer. Now I know I'm thirty and I probably shouldn't be laughing at that, but I think it may be one of the funniest things I've ever heard.Those of you who live here, please feel free to go nuts telling me all the things I should do. I did it for free because I love toilet paper so much, I wanted to spread the word about how amazing Cottonelle is on your twosie region (no I didn't do it for free, but I must admit, it is a damn fine product). My kissing skills have been nominated for an award.Please leave out carriage rides, drum circles, the biodome, the casino and Cirque du Soleil. Not really, but I had this twisted nightmare once where I was dating a really bitchy Clydesdale who played drums in wedding band; anyhoo one night (high on laced feed) she lost all my savings in a heated round of Bacarat, so we had to live in the Winter quadrant of a biodome. You're the one who smoked bad feed." Sorry - Anyhoo, we lived on ice and learned to Juggle and manipulate our bodies to Enya. As though it weren't enough of a gift to kiss Natalie Portman, our kiss on the crane has been nominated for "Best Kiss" by the MTV Movie Awards.You wanna hear a horse complain- stick'em in an artificial winter in a Canadian biodome. I also got nominated for breakout male actor and Natalie was nominated for Best Actress. So please VOTE here so we can bring home the golden popcorn. It really is a beautiful city and the people are very friendly.I just got back from a very tasty lunch of crepes and Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream. Okay, I'm rambling cause I'm crazy, silly high on caffeine right now. I can't get too specific because I'm still working on the deal. So every time this woman says, "Good evening, I'm Michele Two-zie," I crack up. (That and Pudding Pops, because I think they're due for a comeback.) I am very honored to call him my friend and I hope when he blows up, he'll still remember the little people and continue to let me crush him in backgammon and ping pong. We wrap on April 15th and I'm trying to figure out what I'm gonna do this summer. I've gotten the rights to a foreign film that I'm adapting. There's an anchor named "Michelle Tuzee" pronounced "two-zie". AKA a number two, a load, dropping the kids off at the pool, opening bombay doors, etc.

The movie is going well, I haven't filmed too much yet, but I start working pretty non-stop on Monday. Today is a big day; my last day at home before I leave for Canada for two months.I'm going to NYC for the Scrubs DVD launch party this weekend. We have crazy amounts of downtime up here, so we've been having late night Halo tournaments and Topspin (the tennis game) battles as well. My buddy Cary Brothers is opening up for Aqualung all over the country, so if they come to a city near you, go check them out. Also, it was time for Federof to go on American Idol. Scrubs has wrapped for the season, I had a couple of weeks off, and now it's time to start "The Last Kiss". It was really awesome to sit down with someone who's had so much success and still acts like a regular guy from Jersey.I'm also trying to score tickets to Saturday Night Live since I just found out Will Ferrell is hosting, That guy is so funny. I've never heard Aqualung, but I do love me some Cary Brothers. Those of you who are truly interested can rent the Italian film, ""L'ultimo Baccio". Paul Haggis, who wrote "Million Dollar Baby" did the adaptation and I tweaked the dialogue a little bit. I met with Kevin Smith yesterday at his house to discuss "Fletch" and/or other projects. I jokingly told him I wanted to make "Garden State" action figures.So please VOTE for it, so people actually get a chance to see all the hard work that went into it. Also, the amazing Web Guys who created this site were nominated for a Webby Award for their design.Please VOTE for them to win because they did such an amazing job. ) I'm gonna enlist their help to move this blog over to my own site soon.

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